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          What are the advantages of solid tyres?

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          Solid tire is a kind of tire opposite to pneumatic tire. Its carcass is solid. It does not need cord as skeleton and pneumatic, so it does not need inner tube or airtight layer. So what are the advantages of solid tyres? 

          1. Advanced Skills and Formulation Planning: The British Industrial Tire Company has more than half a century's preproduction history and experience in the production of solid tires. It has improved the tire's function as far as possible in the rubber formula planning. Especially, the imported high-rigidity and low-heat-generating compound is used for the base rubber. The heat-generating and temperature-rising of the tire in operation are reduced to a low level. Improve the heat resistance of the tire, and then deal with the solid tire due to temperature rise caused by swelling, sliding ring, bursting and other serious problems; advanced formula planning also reduces the rolling resistance of the tire.

          2. Advantages in dealing with tire slippery rings, falling blocks and cracks: After choosing imported fibre rubber as the base compound of tire, the heat generating function of tire was improved, and the heat generating capacity of tire was greatly reduced. Solid tire and rim were packed together by interference fit pressure, and the tire slippery rings would be caused by excessive heat generating and expansion of the carcass. Fiber glue has the advantages of good rigidity, high hardness, good stiffness, small deformation, small expansion coefficient and low heat generation. Therefore, the sliding ring appearance caused by tyre heat generation is fundamentally eliminated. Tire block and crack are formed by many factors. In addition to the external factors such as hard injury, the internal factors are mainly caused by rubber aging, and mainly by thermal aging and light aging. The use of fibre rubber reduces the heat generation of tires, and then eliminates the appearance of cracks and debris caused by thermal aging damage to rubber.

          3. Good safe operation function is conducive to improving work efficiency: solid tire carcass is made up of all rubber, which ensures the penetration resistance of tires as far as possible and eliminates the danger of penetration of tires in the process of load-bearing operation and in the harsh working environment of industrial vehicles fundamentally. Solid tire has small load-deformation and good running stability. Because of its stab resistance, tear resistance and no need of inflation, it avoids the heavy labor of frequent tire repair and tire replacement. It can improve the utilization and working efficiency of vehicles. Solid tire can completely replace pneumatic tire in low-speed and high-efficiency vehicles.

          4. Reasonable structure planning ensures that the tire has better application function: solid tire is selected as the front three-stage structure planning, and three kinds of compound ensure the overall function of the tire respectively. The high rigidity and high strength base rubber and steel ring support not only ensure the stiffness of the tire, but also the tightness of the tire and rim, which fundamentally eliminates the problem of sliding ring of solid tire; the high elasticity intermediate rubber effectively absorbs the sensation occurring during the operation of the vehicle, has comfortable rideability, and together avoids the damage to the vehicle; the thicker tread rubber layer ensures the tire's stiffness. The tear-resistant and wear-resistant function improves the service life of solid tires. In addition, the reasonable inner drum and CLICK construction planning of LINDE forklift tyres ensures the close coordination of tire devices and rims, widens the cross section of tires and improves the running stability of vehicles.

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