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          Tips for repairing degumming or fracture of forklift tire

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          Forklift tyres have pneumatic and solid tyres. Tire inflation pressure must be in accordance with the original factory standards, not too high or too low. Over-high tire elasticity decreases and the line layer is easy to break. Low air pressure can cause severe deformation of tire, increase temperature, cause degumming or fracture, and may also cause the outer tire to move on the rim and wear the tire ring. In serious cases, the inner tire valve mouth will be torn.

          1. Hot patching: The rough files around the damaged inner tube are pasted with fire patch, and the holes are just in the center of the patch. Then the patch clamp is fitted with the normalizing patch. The screw is tightened and then the heater on the patch is ignited. After 10-15 minutes, the bond will be tight.

          2. When a small hole is found in the inner tube, it can be repaired hot or cold.

          3. External tire: When there are cracks, perforations, blistering, delamination and other injuries in the external tire, it should be repaired or renovated according to the specific conditions. When there are continuous cracks around the outer carcass, the tread glue has been polished and there are holes, the carcass line layer has annular rupture and the whole ring separation, it should be replaced.

          4. Raw rubber patching (cold patching): Roughly file around the inner tube break, coat with raw glue, and then coat with secondary glue after the surface of the glue is slightly dried. When the glue is air-dried, the prepared raw glue is attached to the break, pressurized and heated at 140-145 C, and kept for 10-20 minutes to vulcanize the raw glue. After cooling, the raw glue can be bonded tightly.

          5. The inner tube is folded, ruptured seriously and can not be repaired; aging is viscous and deteriorating; deformation and excessive cracks can be scrapped and renewed.

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