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          Reasons for Peeling of Solid Tires

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          At present, solid tire is composed of cord layer, bead, buffer layer and tread, which has good wear resistance and less heat generation. When we use tyres, we find that sometimes when we don't use them for a long time, they peel.

          1. Generally speaking, tire peeling is sometimes related to the selection and installation of tires. Whether the engineering tire is installed correctly or not is directly related to the service life of the tire, especially when the tire is replaced, the tires with different types and patterns are not allowed to be mixed arbitrarily because of the different actual sizes and conforming abilities of the engineering tires.

          2. The tire pressure must also be adjusted properly. It is unscientific to have too high or too low tire pressure, which will affect the service life of tires. If the tire pressure is too low, its radial deformation will increase, the deformation on both sides of the tire wall will be excessive, which will cause wear on both shoulders of the tire crown, and increase the temperature of the tire, which will seriously reduce the service life of the tire. In addition to tire pressure, tire cleaning is also very important. Whether before or after driving, check whether there are hard objects such as stones, iron blocks or nails in the tread groove. If there are, clean up immediately.

          3. Because solid tires are now widely used in various fields, we do not recommend that the tires be stored in wet places. If environmental conditions are unavoidable, we also recommend proper maintenance of the tires to prolong the use of tires.

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