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          Maintenance of tyres

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          Tire is a circular elastic rubber product which is assembled on various vehicles or machinery and rolls on the ground. Usually installed on the metal rim, it can support the body, cushion the external impact, achieve contact with the road surface and ensure the driving performance of the vehicle. Tyres are often used under complex and harsh conditions. They are subjected to various deformation, load, force and high and low temperature effects while driving. Therefore, they need to have high load-carrying, traction and cushioning performance. At the same time, it also requires high wear resistance and flexibility, as well as low rolling resistance and heat generation. Half of the world's rubber consumption is used in tire production, which shows the ability of tires to use rubber. So in order to ensure the use of tyres, how should they be maintained? Below is a little tape for you to understand.

          The remaining depth of tread pattern groove is 1.6 mm, and wear indicator is provided. When the tire wears to this wear indicator, the tire is replaced. Tires that exceed wear indicators are dangerous when traveling in wetlands, because drainage performance has been greatly reduced, which can seriously affect wetland grip.

          Check wheel alignment and balance regularly. In particular, when driving, excessive vehicle jitter is found, which may mean poor or unbalanced wheel alignment. These conditions will not only shorten the tire life, but also affect the vehicle maneuverability and endanger driving safety. In the case of uneven tire wear, if the shoulder wear is faster than the rest of the tread, tyre alignment can be attempted. The front and rear wheels can be crossed when aligning. That is, the front left rotates to the rear right wheel, and the front right rotates to the rear left wheel.

          When changing tires, it is particularly important to note that the specifications, structure, brand and pattern of tires on the same axle should be unified. Moreover, if the tire is changed separately, the groove depth should be basically the same as that of the other tire on the same axle, otherwise the vehicle may run off.

          Above is the tire maintenance work introduced by Xiaobian. Do you understand it? If you want to know more about tyres, you are welcome to pay attention to our website, wonderful content is always available!

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